Duterte's son speaks up on President Aquino&'s warning that a strongman rule looms in the horizon

While speaking in front of the graduates of the Ateneo de Manila University, Pnoy warned of a looming strongman rule under the Duterte administration. It can be recalled that President Aquino campaigned hard against Duterte, even drawing comparisons between Duterte’s rise to that of Hitler.

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I hope we learn the lessons of history. We should remember how Hitler came to power.
However, the Filipino voters did not take heed of the Pnoy’s repeated warnings as they went on to give the Davao City Mayor a landslide win, even topping Erap’s and Pnoy’s win in recent election history.
President Aquino’s speech during the graduation at the Ateneo de Manila University did not go unnoticed.
PNoy warns Filipinos of the looming dictatorship of the incoming administration saying that the Philippines does not deserve another strongman to lead the country.
Remember he is an oligarch. He and his kin ran this country like it’s theirs at the expense of the marginalized and the poor. They ran it like dictators in the shadows of democracy.
Will the next 6 years be a dictatorship? Yes.
A dictatorship by the people, the ordinary Filipinos. The oppressed. We will seize this country back from the oligarchs, the powerful few. It is time. It is our time.
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Culinary Misadventures of Aguho and Sampaloc said...

Not clear enough. Did the quote come from Duterte's son? Because usually a quote within the article is followed or preceded by the speaker's name. Anyway, I loved the quote. If Pnoy is calling Duterte a Strongman doesn't that imply - being Duterte's rival - he is the Weakman? And it's idiot statements like his that gets my goatee. Hitler didn't come to power all on his own. Do you still think Hitler was so bad? Yeah, he was. But read a book. What happened in Germany in the 30s-40s only happened because the German people WANTED IT. And my president - Duterte - is not a proponent of hate, nor are his supporters, but of long over due strength (as the weakling implied). There's a difference, you silver-spooned M.R. look-a-like. No offence to any M.R.s, who are probably more fit to govern than that thing that can't even be bothered to wear a toupee we have to cringe at his sight. All you need is a good heart, great big balls, principles you will die by and some wit - that's all. And most people, even most people who have sat as presidents DON'T HAVE THAT. But my president does. Gimme a fist pound, bro!

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