Declared the Abu Sayyaf Group based in Sulu likes to have a dialogue with the administration of President Rodrgo Duterte. Subsequently, the bandit group warned that they would kill their captives Norwegian national Kjartan SEKKINGSTAD if the government refused their wishes.

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According to Muammar Askali alias Abu Rami, a spokesman for the Abu Sayyaf Group based in Sulu they are open to have a conversation between them and the government. Moreover Askali, they want that particular makanegosasyon was Presidential Peace Adviser Secretary Jesus Dureza who tell their grievances to President Duterte. Askali also stated that they ignored the government does not give them the ultimatum but they were immediately put to SEKKINGSTAD if they do not receive a response from the government from Friday to next Monday. Ahead of the demand banddiong the group of 300 million pesos ransom of SEKKINGSTAD. Remember beheaded by the group of fellow prisoners SEKKINGSTAD, the Canadian nationals Ridsdel John and Robert Hall was released while the Filipina Marites Flores.

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Renato S Lugto Jr

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Unknown said...

Well, let's see if PDut gives in to the P300-M ransom.

Sherwin Leng said...

I was thinking ASG should negotiate with the government about the development of their region,and not about the negotiation of ransom money which they will only use of their own purpose or for the leaders interest.

Anonymous said...

It's useless to negotiate with those people if they only want is money for themselves and not peace and development in the area. They should all be killed instead if that is the case.

Stake Miners said...

They didnt get the 300 million, they didnt get Jesus Dureza, they got Pres Duterte himself and their first warning. Anyone who knows Duterte knows they get 3 warnings and they will just ..... disappear. Hopefully they (Abu Sayyaf) understands he is not a person who is tollerant of their kind of behavior. Hopefully this band of misfits is smart enough to see their reign or what they would even consider a reign has come to an end as long as he is president.

Anonymous said...

Does the Dog wag the tail, or does the tail wag the Dog?
As any parent knows, you give in to the demands of a spoided child, and you have a demanding brat! The only way to deal with these punks is with force and arrests. Rather than work for a living like the rest of society this group chooses to exploit money through kidnapping, torture and death to innocent lives if their demands aren't met. I'm not a fan of any organized religion. Historically they are all man made not by God. That said. Show me any other current religious group in the world that sanctions death to non believers of that religion, or extorts wealth through threat of death? They are punks, plain and simple and should be treated as such! When as a group, they can act as mature responsible adults, then the government might work towards aiding the community.
Duarte needs to show the rest of the world that the head of Abu Sayyaf organization and those responsible for the deaths of innocents will be brought to justice! Duarte spoke tough through the election, let's see results!

karl hexum said...

no more negotiations...attack!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bull shit!!! Abusayad ang utak!girahin na yan..

dave said...

No more negotiations please. Let them perished in this world. Let this bandits vanished. Let No one will live. Di sapat ang sakit n nararamdaman ng mga kaanak na kanilang pinupugutan ni Walang kasalanan. Dapat lang kamatayan ang igawad sa kanila.

Áron said...

They were already given a chance by P-Duts yet they've disregarded him and continue on their BEHEADINGS of their hostages.

mtvblogpro said...

No, don't make mistake by offering a NEGOTIATION. ASG are like viper and they have no words of honor. Now they are almost cornered or might be run out of ammunition they want to negotiate. Do not allow to offer your hand while feeding them because if having time, they will eat your entire hands including arms.

Ana Fernandez said...

I doubt the President will bite their negotiation, that is what they did to Ramos kaya hindi sila nakubkub, huwag Mr. President , iyang mga aong iyan wala iyang isang salita, hindi na lang sila makahinga sa kanilang kinalalagyan ngayon, B=NO RANSON, NO NEGOTIATION AND DAPAT DYAN maniwala ka at alam kong iyang din ang tumatakbo sa utak mo ngayon.

napnap aguilar said...

hahahaha hindi naman tlaga nila kasi kaya ang pwersa ng govt natin..baby kasi sila noong aquino admin kaya feeling nila eh kaya na nila

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