Stop Killing Criminals Says De Lima. Wait..... What?

A staunch detractor of President Duterte, Senator Leila De Lima said she would organize a resolution urging on the Senate to study, with the help of the law, the rising death of criminals that happened, particularly after the May 2016 elections up to Duterte’s formal assumption to the Presidency. At the House of Representatives, Liberal Party member Ifugao lone district Rep. Teddy Baguilat, has filed House Resolution (HR) No. 61, titled “A House Resolution calling for an investigation in aid of legislation into the spate of extrajudicial killings and/or summary executions of suspected violators of laws on illegal drugs and other suspected criminals.”

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De Lima and Baguilat filed their respective resolutions amidst President Duterte’s warning to lawmakers against opposing his anti-criminality and corruption agenda. In spite of Duterte administration’s clear all-out attacks against illegal drugs syndicates and corruption, the former Justice secretary is worried it could spawn violence within communities. “It’s very laudable – talaga naman. But it should not be at the expense of human rights, at the expense of due process,” De Lima said to the press. “(Magiging) killing fields tayo, and the islands would breed of violence. Maybe, at this time, we might think it’s okay. Criminals and syndicates of course, would be scared seeing the determination of the administration. But if that becomes a pattern, summary killings – whether or not the suspect fought back, or tried to seize a gun – we’re looking at a really messy society because violence breeds violence,” explained De Lima.

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pjc jr. said...

Violence breeds violence said De Lima, but not to forget madam violence of drug crimes breeds MULTIPLE IN FACT THOUSANDS OF deaths IN THE MANY YEARS PAST DURING YOUR STINT. THESE ARE FACTS MADAM DE LIMA. FACTS NOT GOSSIPS. A mother killing her own daughter ? Why ? because of the ill hallucinatory and delusionary effect of drugs. This alone should constitute and reinforced what has been happening of the killings of all drug related people. Don`t you think so ? I wish a drug users raped and tortured and murdered a relatives of your and I would love to see what are you going to say?

D_Bystander said...

I cannot understand why De Lima should be adversely concerned at the growing success of President Duterte's "all-out campaign" against illegal drugs and to drive all the scalawags in the government in 3 to 6 months. Viewing her reaction and in connection with how she handled her job as Secretary of Justice during the time of BS Aquino where the druglords in NBP were able to build laboratories for the manufacture of shabu, I find it not surprising that she will now take up the role as drug protector in the guise of invoking the right to due process in favor of the druglords which can be construed as an open defiance to the bold and fearless campaign of President Duterte to eradicate the drug menace in our country which has spawned the upsurge of criminality where recently, a son raped his 88-year old mother while under the influence of illegal drugs. If this happens to De Lima's close relative maybe that will be considered strong enough for her to realize that protecting druglords is no good. If there's a way to impeach De Lima so she will not be able to block the campaign against illegal drugs of PDU30, so much the better.

Unknown said...

Isama si delima sa summary killings! Lagyan ng druga ang bulsa nya at saka barilin at sabihin sa medya na lumaban.. DOJ Sec na yumaman sa pagprotekta sa druga! Kakahiya ka.. Pweeeh!!

chad fran riego said...
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Osmundo Quipanes said...

Absolutely right !! This HYPOCRITE GREAT PRETENDER remnant of KULTO'NG DILAW ineffecient most CORRUPT administration the Philippines ever had !! She obviously done nothing during her watch as a DOJ incompetent secretary. She just go along with notorious criminals promoting her own interest of greediness. Criminality in all forms FLOURISH during her terms. What she's trying to boast & protect these evil of drugs ..? Philippine people had enough of Liberal Party's ANTICS. They're all just a BUNCH of CORRUPT politicians under an IMMATURE INCOMPETENT ex President Aquino. This woman is DEFINITELY a beneficiary of the PCOS manipulation election result as hardly no one knows her nationwide !! SHAME on YOU's disperate KULTO'NG DILAW people !!

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