Abu Sayaf Messages Mother Using the Cellular Phone of Slain Soldier.

The clash between the Abu Sayyaf and Philippine Army intensifies and caused the death of 15 soldiers last Monday in Patikul, Sulu. According to the Armed Forces of the Philippines' Public Affairs Office Chief Col. Edgard Arevalo, the clash happened at 4:30pm in Sitio Kan Jalul in Brgy. Maligay. 

He further shared that the AFP's 35th and 21st Infantry Battalion battled with "more or less 120 heavily armed terrorists". The terrorists withdrew eventually as reinforcements on the army soldiers came. One of the identified soldiers who were killed is Pfc. Jison B. Falcasantos, 28-years-old and has been making rounds online. Why? Her mother has personally received a text message from a member of Abu Sayyaf telling her about her son's death using her Jison's phone

This broke the heart of many netizens and gave everyone the picture of how Abu Sayaff has been heartlessly killing innocent people. 

Aside from Jison, other soldiers who died in the clash were identified as below:

-2Lt. Ernan P. Gusto, 33
-SSgt. Ruel A Catubay, 39
-Sgt. Jay Erwin L Almohallas, 38
-Cpl. Omar M Raddulan, 41
-Cpl. Ronald M Galoniga, 33
-Cpl. Elid S Ismael, 49
-Cpl. Salik H Mandangan, 31
-Pfc. Nestor C Bacaling, 26
-Pfc. Gerald A Yubal, 29
-Pfc. Dhendo A Dujo, 32
-Pfc. Roselito A Arnoco, 29
-Pfc. Glend C Resma, 24
-Pfc. Rogelio D Vincoy, 28
-Pvt. Jonas A Lumayan, 23 

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Meanwhile, President Duterte has earlier announced last August 1 that he is closing doors on peace talks with the ASG Bandits. 

"I am very sorry to say but there will be no [peace] talks about these things with the Abu Sayyaf," 

"I will not deal with persons with extreme brutality. There is no redeeming factor or reason for me to sit down and talk with criminals," Duterte said.

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