Female Pastor's Husband Molested Church Employees And It Was Caught On Video! Watch Here!

A church in Caloocan was put on the spot after a female employee complained that the pastor's husband was molesting church employees. 

The victim, alias 'Elena', shared that everything started in January 2016 when the suspect tried hugging her inappropriately. At first, she considered it fatherly, but when he tried kissing her, she knew it wasn't right. 

However, when she tried to report the untoward incident to the pastor, she threatened her. The pastor ordered the victim not to report it or else she would be the one who will end up in jail.

The abuse continued for many months and happened every Sunday. After some time, Elena decided to gather evidence by setting up a phone camera in one of the church's rooms. 

In the video shared by the victim, she was clearly forced into kissing the suspect. After the report was made, another victim came forward and accused the suspect of the same crime. 

The 2nd victim was a former employee of the church who worked there back in 2003.  

The pastor vehemently denied the allegations leveled against her husband, saying that the video was fabricated. She also claimed that the victims were stealing from the church. 

However, many netizens weren't convinced with the pastor's story and bombarded her and her perverted husband with harsh comments. 

One enraged netizen commented: "Simbahan ng mga demonyo!!Dapat ndi na palalampasin yang demonyo na Yan! I sunugin na Yan SA apoy!Ndi na dapat Yan pagbigyan para ndi na makabiktima"

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