This is the Interior of the Clinic Where a Business Woman Died During Liposuction! Watch This!

Cosmetic surgery in the Philippines is once again in troubled waters after a businesswoman named Shiryl Saturnino died while undergoing liposuction, breast and butt augmentation last Sunday in Mandaluyong

Although the cause of death is still not identified as further tests and autopsy are being made and the conclusive investigation of the Philippine National Police is not yet done, the media went on its way to shed light on this hugely controversial and sudden death. 

GMA News went to Icon Clinic and investigated its facilities. They were able to snap photos of the operation room where Saturnino died. They were also able to snap the corridors of the clinic. 

Judging from the photos, the clinic seems to be well-equipped and able to conduct surgeries and other services as advertised to the public. 

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However, during an interview with the city officials, some allegations were made against the Icon Clinic. 

Apparently, there had been some shady business going on. According to the city legal counsel, Atty. Jeffrey Omadto, it seems that some paperwork had been missing such as the permit for ambulatory surgical services which is obtained directly from the Department of Health. This permit is needed so that a clinic or facility will be able to perform surgeries. 

GMA News also obtained the opinion of Dr. Zaldy Carpeso. The city's medical director. He clarified that the three operations can be done simultaneously as long as the patient was granted clearance saying that his or her body can handle the operation. In an operation, a prolonged exposure to anaesthesia can cause damage and worse death due to heart attack. 

Another risk factor would be fat embolism, where the fat inside our body spreads out into other organs causing respiratory obstruction which can lead to oxygen shortage. 

As of this writing, these are all presumptions as the investigators await the definite conclusions that will reveal the cause of the sudden death of Ms. Saturnino

This is a reminder to each and everyone, that cosmetic surgeries come with a price. So we really need to be careful if we want to undergo these kinds of treatments. 

Would you be willing to undergo cosmetic surgery after knowing its implications?

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