This Video of a Woman Playing Around With an American Man Allegedly Cause the Suicide of a Tricycle Driver. Read More Here

A video is now viral after it allegedly caused the suicide of a Filipino tricycle driver.

The video features a woman who seems to have Asian and Filipina features playing around with a big bodied American in what seems to be a hotel room or a grand bedroom

There were no distinct conversations, as the two seems to just be goofing around and playing around. It seems like they were on a live show and there were people watching what they are doing online. 

The alleged suicide is not yet confirmed. It was only posted as a caption of the video. 

If this is proven true, this will not be a first time that an OFW committed extra-marital affairs once placed outside the country. Some of the known cases are those of Roderick Vargas and Liezel Apostol both working in Singapore. Their affair was broadcasted in Facebook by an anonymous author. Another posted by Jolian Noceda who shared that his wife was having an affair in the Middle East. 

The cases of these extra-marital affairs have been so alarming that envoys and diplomats in several countries are already worried. First, they are afraid that the image of the Filipinos having close knit families are slowly being forgotten. Second, they admit that they do not have the capacity to meddle with those affairs and can only offer counseling and guidance. 

They disclosed that the amount of letters they receive had an average of 1,000 complaints per month, and half of it involves fathers or mothers who cannot be contacted and stopped sending financial help to their respective families in the Philippines. This negligence caused families to be broken apart. 

Kanlungan, a non-government organization also admits that illicit affairs are a big factor as to why OFW's forget their families in the Philippines. 

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As of this writing, the video already has 1,100 likes and 900 comments yet the suicide still has no concrete evidence. But if there's a thing that stands true, it is that there is a worrying number of OFWs already committing adulterous acts whether broadcasted or kept in the dark. 

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