WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT! This Man Jumps off a Cell Tower in San Juan, Batangas! Extremely Shocking!

Stories of suicide hound the internet but footages of it happening as is, is another level of disturbance. This is what happened to a man in Barangay Poblacion, San Juan, Batangas at around 7:30 in the morning of March 24, Friday. 

According to Peanut Daily, the man jumped off a cell tower that was approximated to be 100 meters high from the ground. The man was rushed to the hospital after sustaining serious injuries and broken bones. 

It was alleged that he lost his life at around 8:45 in the morning of the same day. The police claimed that the man probably suffered from a brain disorder. They also figured that no one was guarding the cell tower when the suicide happened.

Two videos were uploaded by the source from Facebook user Hotaru C. Nadabal. In her first footage, we can see a man standing at the very top of the cell tower and looking down. 

A woman’s voice could be heard in the background, which says, “Oh, my God, tatalon nga ‘yung lalaki!”
Simultaneous screams could be heard when he finally jumps from the tower. “Sh*t! Boom!” the woman exclaims in terror and utter disbelief. 

The second footage shows the scene where the man landed--a field below the cell tower. Police officers and other authorities are present. A voice could be heard in the background, saying, “Lumayo muna! Patulong, patulong!” 

A stretcher emerges from the spot where the man had landed and we see two people carrying it. Upon closer inspection, we see that the man is actually naked. 

Whether he was stripped off of his clothes by the authorities themselves or was originally naked is another thing to be discussed.

Viewer discretion is extremely advised should you decide to watch these videos. The footages contain graphic scenes that are not suitable for minors and may offend people’s sensibilities. 

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Extremely shocking! What do you think is the reason why the man jumped from the cell tower? 

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Source: trendingnewsportal

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