Watch Here: News Anchor Noli De Castro Shames VP Leni Robredo in this Awkward Interview!

Panoorin muli ang interview ni kabayan Noli De Castro kay VP Leni noon kung saan makikita na hindi po niya alam ang kanyang sinasabi.
Vice President Leni Robredo was in the hot seat a year ago when her uncomfortable live interview with news anchor Noli De Castro on ABS-CBN’s news program “TV Patrol” went viral.

During the interview, VP Robredo was asked by De Castro how her position as Vice President of the Philippines was in danger of being stolen. 

Specifically it was during the time when former senator and vice president candidate Ferdinand "Bongbong" Romualdez Marcos Jr. asked for a recounting of the votes which elected Robredo. 

VP Robredo was fumbling with her answers - especially when De Castro reiterated the same question posed by the news anchor.

The Vice President could not properly explain how she suspects her elected position would be stolen from her.  

However she did mention that the filed protest by the Marcos camp did not have any basis.

This was the first in a handful of controversies which surrounded Robredo during her term as VP.

Recently the “Naga Leaks” or “Leni Leaks” as the shadowy group “We Are Collective” has called it - shook the image of Robredo, accusing the VP of scheming with United States-based groups to oust President Rodrigo Duterte

The Vice President believed these “Naga Leaks” were a scare tactic used by anonymous trolls on the internet to besmirch her reputation.

“Yung paglabas ng kung anong leaks yan, ito ay attempt para i-silence tayo,” she said during an interview with reporters on March 3

“Ilang beses na itong ginawa dati. Hindi nagtagumpay. At kahit anong gawin, hindi ito magpapatahimik sa atin,” she added.

As of writing, there is no solid evidence that supports the claims laid out by this supposedly leaked information.

Does the interview reveal VP Robredo as a manipulative politician? Or could it be her inexperience showing? 

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