Caught on CCTV! This Girl Was Robbed and Was Dragged by the Suspects on the Street! Must Watch!

Recently, a video of robbery has gone viral again in social media. This video showed CCTV footage of a robbery in Pedro Gil in Manila. The videos uploaded will show that the girl was walking on the street with her shoulder bag on. While she was peacefully walking, she did not expect what happened next.

On another part of the video, you will see that a motorbike with two men passed by, but as they approached the girl, the rider at the back grabbed the shoulder bag of the girl. The girl did not let go of the bag so easily causing her to be dragged on the street. 

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The netizens expressed how furious they were about what happened. Here are some of their reactions:

“Lalaki ng katawan mga ayaw pumarehas! Sarap maka huli ng ganyang kriminal!” – Jerom Razon Prades

“Napakasama namam nila..!!! 
Mukhang ang payat pa ng babae jan! Wala ba,sila kapatid na babae...kinaladkad nalang ng ganon..mga hayop.” – Maxine De Jose

“Dapat sa mga hayup na yan binabalatan ng buhay sa plaza para Hindi pamarisan” – Isaac Fegarido Gerona

“Wala mamlang tumulong! Kinakaladkad n hnd manlang cla n alarma. Tsk tsk tsk.” – Jeannie Bright

“dapat ibalik na yung mga check point kada kanto specially sa mga alanganing oras tulad nyan 6am konti pa lang mga tao at alam nila na wala gaanong tutulong... swerte nyo hindi kaya natyempuhan ng mga pulis... dapat sa mga ganyan death penalty.” – Ryan Brun Dedel

We advise the public to be more careful and to use the sidewalk as much as possible. If you have further suggestions on how the others can avoid these kind of incidents, feel free to comment and start a discussion!

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