Duterte Smashes Business Tycoon Lucio Tan Over Unpaid Taxes

President Rodrigo Duterte, during his speech at the Qatar-Philippine business meet, blasted business tycoon Lucio Tan over his unpaid P30 billion taxes. 

Tan is currently one of the world’s richest billionaires, according to Forbes. This year, he ranked 501st among others carrying a total wealth of 3.7 billion dollars. 

“These rich people, they are my enemies. They can tell that I envy them, and it is true. You sons of b*tches! But you should pay your taxes. Why do I envy you? You keep on gaining riches and yet you don’t pay taxes,” Duterte said. 

“These rich people should pay taxes. Like Lucio Tan, up to the last day of the campaign, he wanted to give me money. He kept on going after me, but I told him I don’t accept money. And so I won by six million votes,” Duterte added.

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Watch: Duterte Smashes Business Tycoon Lucio Tan Over Unpaid Taxes!

The said amount of money could amplify the government’s funding for infrastructure and community services. 

“Nobody gets special treatment, whether you are a Moro, Tausug, Bisaya…everybody is on equal footing…Do not f*ck with me. I will really kill you," he said as the Filipino crowd cheered. 

The president also smashed human rights groups, the European Union, as well as Senator Antonio Trillanes IV. 
Approximately 7000 Filipinos attended the gathering on Saturday, as per Philippine Ambassador to Qatar Alan Timbayan’s report. Duterte’s state visits aim to strengthen bilateral ties in Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Qatar, and also to take care of OFWs in these nations. 

What do you think about extremely rich people not paying their taxes? Do you pay taxes? Tell us in the comments section below! 

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