Folded & Hung Staff Accused of 'Pamboboso' in a Store's Fitting Room.

Popular apparel store Folded & Hung recently made noise around social media after a customer filed a complaint against one of its staff in their SM City Batangas branch. The said staff allegedly peeked into the complainant's wife's fitting room while she was trying on swimwear.

According to the complainant, Jessmarc Lloyd Gamad, they went inside the store, to buy swimming garments. There was only one male staff, which was kind of unusual. 

With this, they didn't even bother to ask for new stock. His wife had to try several pieces and went inside the fitting room a couple of times. Gamad became suspicious of the male staff, who, coincidentally, goes to the stockroom upstairs, every time his wife would enter the fitting room.

Gamad immediately confronted the staff and when he wasn't able to get a straight answer from him, he went on to check the fitting room and the stock room. He was dumbfounded to discover a hole in the ceiling of the fitting room, which was directly in the stock room.

According to Gamad, he asked to staff about the hole, but he only answered him that the hole was already reported. He immediately reported the incident to SM management. But to his disappointment, the hole was already covered with a piece of paper when he went back to take pictures, trying to debunk his claim.

"I felt angry because i felt like my wife's privacy was violated. Worse, I cannot prove that he tried to peek on my wife while changing. It's all just a gut feeling. But you cannot blame me for thinking that way because there is no reason for the male staff to leave the store unattended when no one asked him to get anything, and all the circumstances point that my gut feeling is true. I asked him directly and he cannot explain to me what was he doing while my wife was fitting. He cannot even answer why they let customers use a fitting room with a hole." Gamad shared.

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"I already filed a complaint at SM Customer Welfare Center because there was no manager to talk to at Folded & Hung. I just wanna share my experience so that others may be aware and be more vigilant when going into fitting rooms," Assistant the added.

Folded & Hung Staff Accused of "Pamboboso" in a Store's Fitting Room.

As of today, he updated that the F&H Operations Manager contacted him through Facebook Messenger and informed them that they held an Administrative Hearing against the accused male staff. Gamad also shared that the staff was terminated effective yesterday. He also met with the Assistant Manager of SM Batangas, with the Assistant, and the head of security of SM Batangas to resolve the issue. The CCTV footage is also being reviewed to support Gamad's statements.

Many netizens find the news unbelievable as fitting rooms seem unfitting for such horrible acts. Many were angered by how some men would risk losing their jobs just to objectify women this way. With this, everyone, especially women, is reminded to be more vigilant and to be extra alert when careful.

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