Mocha Uson Allegedly Has Plans to Run For Senator in 2019

In a report by tabloid news site Bandera - popular blogger and former leader of the Mocha Girls Mocha Uson allegedly has plans to become a senator come 2019.

Mocha Uson Allegedly Has Plans to Run For Senator in 2019! Read the Details Here!

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These rumors come from a clear message which aired on Radyo Singko – which stated that the s*x blogger-cum-propagandist has plans for a seat in the Senate

The face of 'Mocha Uson Blog' has plans to hold a major government position.

Naturally, the 34-year-old Mocha has the right to run for any government office she chooses and people can vote for her if they so choose. 

Mocha was appointed by the President, who she vehemently supports, as a broad member of the MTRCB back in January of this year.

However, just a month later Mocha was threatening to resign from her position as a board member if television networks wouldn’t stop airing suggestive content.

“Kung hahayaan ko lang pong magpatuloy ang mga basurang programang ito na ipinalalabas ng mga TV network para lang kumita sila, wala na po akong silbi dyan sa MTRCB,” Mocha said.

Her appointment to the MTRCB drew mixed reactions from divided netizens. Some people loved it, others hated it. 

Many anti-Duterte netizens have claimed that Mocha's appointment to the MTRCB by the President was a blatant form of political remuneration. Her supporters argued that she was fit for the job and deserved it.

Recently a Muslim woman bashed Mocha for wearing Islam’s sacred traditional dress for women – the jilbab and hijab. This drew the ire of her supporters who verbally berated the Muslim woman online.

To say that Mocha Uson is a controversial figure would be a serious understatement. To say that she is massively popular, is also an understatement. She possesses millions of followers on social media who fervently answer her every beck and call.

These rumors are based purely on speculation, as Mocha herself hasn’t confirmed any plans of becoming a senator as of this writing.

What do you think of these rumors? Is Mocha Uson ready to become a senator? Is she ready to face the long work hours and critical thinking required of someone in that government position?

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