Nagtulak, Nahuli, Nanlaban: Video Ng Isang Drug Pusher Na Nasawi Matapos Manlaban, Nag-VIRAL!

Our government is currently concentrated on their war against drugs as ordered by President Rodrigo Duterte who vowed to rid the country of all drug pushers and drug users. 

The bloody battle, however, has made majority of the Filipinos question the police force’s procedures when it comes to taking in suspects.

Since most of the drug pushers and drug users die during buy-bust operations, most Filipinos and a few government branches, such as the Commission on Human Rights, assume that policemen abuse their authority and aim to just directly kill suspects without undergoing proper trial. 

However, a video was recently uploaded online showing an alleged drug pusher shooting an undercover policeman during one of their buy-bust operations in Calamba, Laguna

The video proves that police forces have a certain procedure that they follow when it comes to arresting these suspects.

In the video, the undercover police was shown pretending to buy illegal drugs from the suspect. A few moments later, the suspect suddenly shot the policeman and ran away from the scene.

Still, he wasn’t able to get far enough as other policemen were also on the scene. He was eventually shot to death because of his sudden attack on authorities at the scene. 

According to Supt. Fernando Ortega, chief of police in Calamba, it is clearly shown in the video that they don’t just randomly select people to shoot.

He said “kitang-kita po sa video na nanlaban po at unang namutok yung suspek sa inyong kapulisan.”

Reports said that the suspek has been under surveillance for a while before the buy-bust operation. Authorities recovered a gun and at least 9 sachets of alleged shabu or meth from the suspect.

“Eto po ay isang patunay lamang na yang mga drug suspects at mga personalities na yan ay lumalabang talaga sa kapulisan at nang mawala po sa isipan ng ating mamamayan na pagka po may drug operation at nakapatay ang ating kapulisan [ng suspek] ay sinasadya na nila ito. Ito po ay malaking patunay na hindi po totoo ang ganyang bintang,” claimed Supt. Ortega. 

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