Parish Priest In Cebu Supports Duterte In His Belief Of The Separation Of The Church And The State!

There’s no doubt that President Rodrigo Duterte has many followers. With more than 16 million votes from Filipino citizens, the former Davao City Mayor obviously won by a landslide from his competitors.

The current President is popular due to his strong personality and unorthodox way of handling things. He is especially fearless when talking about people who don’t have the same values as his. 

Wave upon wave of reports about the presidents sometimes foul language are often showed in the news. 

He is even popular for challenging other powerful personalities and even religious leaders, such as Pope Francis.

Because of this, most priests are against him. However, a certain Father Suarez expressed his support for Pres. Duterte during one of his religious gatherings.

Father Suarez was telling his followers that when Pres. Duterte was still the mayor of Davao, he used to ask him to pray over all his small tasks.

In his story, he claimed that the former mayor challenged him to heal the paralyzed treasurer of Davao in order to sign pending documents for the city.

Father Suarez jokingly said he prayed hard during that time for the treasurer to be able to sign and to avoid getting embarassed in front of the mayor. 

Surprisingly, the treasurer was able to sign the documents that would release funding for the city of Davao.

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Most netizens agreed with Father Suarez.

Thats right the Church is separate from State! Mabuti ka pa Father nakaintindi! PERO ANG MGA LEADER MO LUMALABAS NA WALANG ALAM! libre kayo sa taxes noh!!!
- Danilo Gavieta Gellangarin

Yan ang tama di dapat nkikialam ang simbahan sa pulitika at sa mga paring tapat sa kanilang trabaho mabuhay kayo at sa mga kasama ni padre damaso magsipag resign na kayo at pumasok nlang kayo sa pulitika
- Francisco Ladiana 

Good job father. I salute you. Buti ka pa father naintindihan mo ang gusto ng 16m na bomoto kay president Duterte. Ingon ni Presidente ibaba ang inyong armas then ugma ang pilipinas mahimong langit. Love you father
- Neria Bandialan 

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