Pinoy Security Guard Cries As He Complains Nagging Wife To Raffy Tulfo And This What Happened Next!

Nagging wives must be the problem of some good husbands. While it is deemed normal for wives to doubt the honesty of their husbands, some men just couldn’t take the continuous nagging of their wives. This has been the case of this Filipino security guard who even went to a local TV and radio program to seek advice for his nagger wife.

Raffy Tulfo in his media program, “Raffy Tulfo In Action” serves to be the new “sumbungan ng bayan”. A crying Pinoy security guard named Sanny Lim visited his program to ask for his help about his wife who nags at him all the time. Sanny’s wife, Mary Jane, was on the other line to explain the situation.

According to Sanny, it has been a struggle for him every time Mary Jane would accuse him of womanizing. He claimed that he has been a faithful and hardworking husband for their family. He denied womanizing and even proudly told Raffy that there was no single incident that he did it.

Mary Jane on the other hand explained that one of their neighbors named Madel, always hints about her secret relationship with Sanny. This made Mary Jane think that Sanny cheated on her. 

She then became doubtful of Sanny’s honesty and started nagging him. She also claimed that Madel has been spreading these rumors across their entire neighborhood. Despite her doubts, she remained thankful and proud of her husband as she praised him for being a dedicated hardworking father.

Raffy then explained that Sanny has nothing to do with these rumors if he is really faithful to Mary Jane. He explained that Madel might be envious and jealous of their relationship, that is why she made rumors about her and Sanny. Raffy then claimed that some good husbands who resort to cheating are the ones who cannot take the nagging of their wives anymore. He explained to Mary Jane that if she continuously doubts Sanny, she might discover that Sanny really cheated on her because he was left with no choice.

Mary Jane then said that she now completely understands the situation. She swore to not nag her husband again. She then left a sweet message for Sanny.

“Sige na love, sorry na. kasi sinabi naman ni sir Tulfo na ang nangyayari, may nagseselos at naiinggit lang kaya ganito. Sige na love, sorry na. Umuwi ka na. Di ka pa kumakain dumiratso ka na dyan,” Mary Jane said through a telephone interview. 

The program ended with a sweet reconciliation between the two.

Days after the conversation between Sanny and Raffy Tulfo, the show decided to follow up on them and asked about their status. The couple explained that everything went well between them but there are still some instances when Madel would not stop. To revive their romantic spark, Raffy then decided to give them some treat. Watch this video until the end to find out!

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