Shocking: A Mother Under The Influence Of Drugs Tried To Drown Her Own Child! Watch This!

Motherly love is an instinct all women have upon giving birth to their child. Majority of mothers feel an instant connection with their child even while it is still in her womb. Some mothers, however, don’t feel this connection with their child mainly due to personal problems that she might be facing.

One mother caught the attention of the police when she attempted to drown her own child.  
A female vendor spotted something strange as she was walking by the shores of Manila Bay. According to her, she saw the mother and the child along the rocky portion of Manila Bay. She noticed the mother slowly descending to the deeper part of the water which prompted her to ask for help from the Malate Police Station

PO2 Carolina Del Rosario posted a photo of the rescue operation on Facebook showing the mother drowning her child in Manila Bay. In the photo, the mother is shown submerged in water by the Yacht Club in the said area. According to reports, she was holding her 3-month-old son Jasper upside down while plunging him in the water. She tried to drown the child five times despite his loud cries. 

PO2 Del Rosario recalls the mother repeatedly shouted and violently cursed at them during their rescue attempt. The police force, along with the Philippine coast guard, then decided to rescue the child first while they were attempting to restrain the mother. 
PO2 Del Rosario then noticed that the child was freezing so she lent her jacket to him to keep him warm and safe. The female police officer said that as a mother herself, she felt sorry for the child and instinctively reminded her of her own children. 

After successfully rescuing the child’s mother, the Malate Police conducted an investigation as to why the mother tried to drown her child. The mother admitted that she was under the influence of illegal drugs during that time. In her statement, she mentioned that she took the drugs, which was given by her friend, the night before. The next day, she was unable to control her own actions and was surprised to see herself trying to murder her child. The woman added that she didn’t know how she even got there in the first place. 

The police found out that the mother had problems with her husband because they heard her screaming “Niloko ako ng asawa ko!” during their rescue operation. 
Jasper is now under the custody of DSWD while the mother will face charges of child abuse as well as imprisonment. 

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