SHOCKING! This Couple Was Caught in the River Doing Something Unbelievable While Wading in the River!

Public displays of affection (or PDA) are often disapproved by people because it only makes everyone else uncomfortable, apart from the lovey-dovey couple who are just so into each other.

They could go from mild to full-blown cringe-worthy acts--such as s*x

This couple was caught doing the latter. They took the meaning of PDA into another level, as seen in the video. 

According to the Facebook fan page ‘Trending Now,’ the description of the video read, “Summer na talaga Mag ingat po kayo sa Dikya! Inatake ng Dikya!!! Kawawa naman” with a series of extremely shocked and crying emojis. 

“Dikya” originally means a jellyfish and in the context of the video, it was probably misused. The couple was seen in a river, which meant there were probably no jellyfish since they live in the ocean.

But the one who uploaded it joked that the couple was probably “bitten” by a jellyfish, hence their outrageous, s*xual act.

SHOCKING! This Couple Was Caught in the River Doing Something Unbelievable While Wading in the River!

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Lots of netizens commented their own thoughts and opinions on the video, and here were some of them: 

Jayar Almazan: “Galit c ate nabitin” 

Tam Liw Lovey Eightfinity: “Kawawa naman ang babae parang napilitan.. (with a devil emoji) grabe naman ito” 
Jheng L. Cabalonga: “ayts sana nagmotel.parang mga aso d makatiis kahit san nlng. tsssk.” 

Rachelleanne Espenilla: “John Wien Bello mag ingat sa dikya” (with a laughing-with-tears emoji) 

The video featured the couple fully-clothed up top but it could be seen that the girl was straddling the guy in a way that could only be considered s*xual. 

It wasn’t clear how the moment was caught on cam because it appeared as if the one who took it was not extremely hidden (or probably was, and wasn’t noticed by the couple). 

However, it seemed as if the guy was the only one who enjoyed the moment. The girl’s expression didn’t indicate she was entirely happy about the whole affair.

                                                                  WATCH HERE!!!

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