'Snatcher on Wheels' Caught on CCTV, Finally Arrested!

On Tuesday, Tondo police officers finally caught the suspects in the “riding in tandem” case. The suspects captured by a CCTV camera dragging their victim along the street in order to steal her belongings. 

The victim, apart from serious psychological trauma, suffered severe bruises on her body.

The police are calling the modus as "snatcher on wheels." The snatchers scout their victims by driving past them before taking a u-turn and then grabbing their victim's belongings 

Through CCTV footage or ‘Huli-Cam’, Norman Gaspar (rider) and Christoper Reyes (snatcher) were identified and apprehended by the authorities. The victim was also able to positively identify them.

Reportedly, this is already the 5th time that Gaspar will be jailed.

One of them even claimed that it was not their fault and that it was an accident.

The two will be facing charges of robbery, snatching, and serious physical injury.

Police officers are reminding everyone to be vigilant when it comes to snatchers and that they should value their lives more than their property.

Watch the full report here: 

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