Teenage Boy Dies After Doctors Inserted a Tube Without Anesthesia Despite the Lack of Permission From His Relatives!

The family and relatives of a 16-year-old boy who died in a hospital in Quezon City pleaded with the public to help them gain justice after his tragic death.

Facebook user Mark Joedelee shared on social media the story of his cousin who allegedly died while under the medical supervision of the doctors in a public hospital in Quezon City

According to the Facebook post made by Mark, his cousin was rushed to the hospital after he experienced difficulty breathing and severe coughing. They did not expect that his cousin would die under the care of doctors who were supposed to save his life.

Mark narrated that their grandparents went home to get some things for his cousin. His cousin’s girlfriend was the only one left to look after him

Moments after his grandparents left, the doctors said that they would be inserting a tube in the victim. The victim’s girlfriend refused because his grandparents were not made aware of the procedure

However, the hospital staff insisted so they moved the patient to another room. 

The 5 doctors who performed the procedure tied down the victim's hands and legs. They inserted the tube but allegedly botched their first attempt. On the second attempt, blood came out of the victim’s nose and he died immediately

The victim’s family and relatives were devastated by what happened. They were shocked to return and find his dead body inside the medical center.

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It is important to note that all the evidence regarding this supposedly tragic incident came from a Facebook post. No trustworthy news outfit has yet to verify the validity of this story.

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