This Poor Mother Was Arrested for Stealing Milk Because She Wanted to Feed Her Child! WATCH HERE!

A mother would do anything for her child— even if it would mean risking her own life just to let the child live.

In Maricel dela Cruz’s case, she was forced to steal milk from a grocery stall inside a public market in San Carlos City, Negros Occidental.  

According to GMA News Online, dela Cruz only wanted to feed her one-year-old child. However, she couldn’t afford the milk and instead, stole the one on display. 

She placed it inside a plastic bag and walked out of the area without paying for the milk. When Maricar Ferrer, the owner of the grocery stall, saw her, Dela Cruz reasoned out that she bought the milk in another grocery stall.

Ferrer said in an interview, “Imbis na humingi siya ng ano, dispensa, o sabihin niya sa’kin na pasensya na, nakalimutan ko bayaran, eh, siya pa ang galit, tinabig niya pa ako, kaya d’on ako nagalit.”

Dela Cruz was locked in jail and this was when she admitted that she stole the milk for her youngest child.

She said that she has seven children in total and that; it has been two days since she wasn’t able to buy them milk. 

“Walang makuha,” she said as she was interviewed behind bars. “Walang makuha sa’kin. Tinutulugan ko ng gatas.”

She was accused of theft by the authorities for what she did. 

According to Police Chief Inspector Jayvee Ignacio, the Station Duty Officer of San Carlos Philippine National Police, “Lagi rin nananakawan ‘yung store ng puro ganito rin, mga gatas, mga asukal. Kaya siguro hindi lang isang beses niya ginawa.” 

Watch the video of the report here: 

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What do you think of dela Cruz’s deed? If you were in her position, would you also steal milk just to feed your child? 

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