This woman passed out after a drinking session. What her friends did to her will make you furious!

It is for real that when it comes to trust, our group of friends comes next to our families. Most of us end up trusting them with our whole life because we have this assurance that they would never do something to hurt us.

But these days, it seems that the world is turning up side down because most of the time, the people we trust the most are actually the ones putting us in danger.

Recently, a Facebook user named Wendy Jadraque Calvo posted a series of videos and photos on her Facebook account, exposing what these guys and even a girl were doing to their friend who passed out in a drinking session.

In the videos that she posted, a beautiful girl could be seen sleeping after a drinking session. But then, a few moments later, the girl was taken advantage of by the guy who's wearing the blue shorts.

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The worst part in this case is that the whole incident was done in a live video! 
The netizens couldn't help but spread the video and hunt for the people in the viral video.

What these guys did to the poor girl was so disrespectful. If they're her friends, they should have taken care of her, instead of disrespecting her.

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Source: filcommunity,Death Penalty in the Philippines

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