Unbelievable! A Millionaire Gives Away All His Wealth to the Poor Before Dying! Says He Can't Bring His Riches With Him!

Netizens all across the social media world have praised a wonderful display of generosity unseen in a long time. 

In a viral video shared on the Danified Facebook page, an alleged dying millionaire from the country of Myanmar has earned the admiration of netizens after he purportedly gave away his money to the poor.

What could be the reason for this selfless act? 

It was simple. The wealthy person simply said that he wouldn’t be able to take the riches he’s earned into the next life. 

The video features men in long-sleeved polos handing out fat stacks of cash to a long line of people. They bow respectfully towards a man in white sitting on the chair.

Presumably the person in white is the millionaire in question.

The man in white is visibly ill and tired, sitting still while his attendants wipe the sweat from his brow and fan him. 

Watch the amazing display of kindness here!

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As it stands, the video could not confirm the identity of the generous millionaire or the exact amount of money he gave away to the people who lined up to pay their respects. 

However the video has served as an inspiration for netizens all around who have watched this video. If this story can be confirmed as factual then it is certainly a wonderful act of human kindness from someone from a higher social class. 

The man is correct after all you can’t really take your wealth with you into eternity. 

What did you think of this video? Can you think of any millionaires who would be willing to give away all their wealth to the improvised people of our country?

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