VIRAL: Netizens Got Angry at This Passenger Who Did This To A Poor Uber Driver! Watch This!

Two videos have gone viral featuring a recording of an arrogant and rude passenger who verbally abused an honest Uber driver.

The post was shared by a netizen named Gee San Pedro on Facebook

According to San Pedro’s post, she decided to use uberPOOL to save up on some money while headed towards her destination. 

If you're not familiar, the new uberPOOL is a somewhat experimental service UberX has implemented – where different passengers can share a ride and they’ll pay 20% less than the standard UberX fare.

A rider requested to be picked up by this Uber vehicle so naturally the driver had to go to the location where the customer had pinned. 

When they arrived the new female passenger started to complain and blame the driver for being at the wrong location - although it was the woman who pinned that area in the first place.

San Pedro, while recording the passenger’s rude remarks, sided with the driver and pointed out the lady’s mistakes.

She didn’t care to listen and blew the netizen off. As some netizens pointed out, the rude woman may not have fully understood how the uberPOOL system works. 

Watch the confrontation in the most awkward uberPOOL ride ever here

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The post received around 4.4K reactions, 3.6K shares and 278 comments as of writing. 

Many netizens shared their disappointment over the frustrated female passenger. 

Heart Antiquera wrote: “Driver's still calm and collected and remained respectful...sana lahat ganyan  the girl's attitude speaks highly of her character.”

Maki Forcado wrote: “Thanks to the other rider na pinagtanggol si Manong driver. Sana binaba na lang siya ni manong dahil sobrang gaspang ng ugali niya at sinungaling pa di daw siya nagsasalita ng punyeta pero huling huli sa video. Mga ganitong ugaling dapat naglalakad or may sariling sasakyan eh. Di dapat pinapagamit ng public transportation ang mga taong walang modo at bastos”

It just goes to show that some people still need to learn a few things about common decency.

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