WATCH: Heartbreaking Video Of The 'Last Birthday' Of A Little Princess! Who Will Never Be A Bride!

It's a three-in-one celebration for birthday girl Lila May Schow as her loving parents threw her a birthday party, a graduation and a wedding all at the same time and place.

Heidi Hall and Ryan Schow figured that it would be their daughter's last birthday because she's suffering from stage 4 neuroblastoma cancer and doctors have already told them about her limited time.

Lila has been fighting her disease for three years. Her parents wanted her birthday to be the best and the most memorable despite the distinct possibility that it will be her last.

They set up a grand celebration and started a Facebook group to call for help from people around the world to organize the momentous event. It didn't take long before donations and hundreds of volunteers arrived to contribute to Lila's special day.

People came from all over the world to attend the event.

Lila was dressed up as Cinderella while she was surrounded by other Disney princesses. She even participated in a wedding of her own where her father proposed and "married" her for the sake of experience. The two had a heart melting father-daughter dance afterward.

Ryan expressed his gratitude for all those people who made his daughter's day possible. He said, “We wouldn’t have gotten this far and been able to fight this hard without all the help we’ve been given. We’re so grateful for that. It’s all about making a little girl smile.” 

Lila passed away shortly after her birthday due to her stage 4 cancer

Watch the heartbreaking video here:

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