Journalist Ed Lingao Slams Erwin Tulfo and Challenges Him to a Fight: “SIGE HIJO, PUNTAHAN MO ‘KO! PUNTA LANG!”

Ed Lingao is a journalist who has worked in several media outlets, including ABS-CBN, The Manila Chronicle, The Manila Times, and TV5. He graduated from the University of the Philippines in 1987 and finished his secondary education at Ateneo de Manila University in 1983.

Recently, he made waves when he posted a very long status on his Facebook account which slammed Erwin Tulfo, who is a broadcaster and a news anchor in TV5 and Radyo 5 92.3 News FM. This was what Ed Lingao posted:

He accompanied his post with a picture of Erwin Tulfo in one of his televised radio segments. Although the context is not clear, it could be presumed that Ed Lingao was lambasting the broadcaster for lots of things.

First, he mentioned that Erwin was not reading. According to Lingao, every reporter should read because it is their job to do so. He said that if Lingao calls himself a reporter, then he should at least read. Apparently, Erwin accused Lingao of filing a request to suspend his brother (it could either be Raffy or Ben).

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Second, he slammed the Tulfo brothers for boasting that they have lots of followers. Lingao mentioned that it does not mean their statements are considered authentic and credible just because they have a large base of listeners and supporters.

Third, Lingao fired him back for accusing him of being a “dilawan,” or a Liberal Party supporter. He stated that this was because he is not a “sipsip,” unlike how the brothers are. It could be presumed that Lingao was calling them out for being “sipsip” to the current government officials and the administration.

Fourth, he revealed that he got surprised when Erwin accused him of wearing a bulletproof (vest) and a helmet. Lingao debunked this and said that he only wore such when he was in Iraq (presumably covering the war). He added that Erwin does not have the right to compare himself to him.

Fifth, he took note of how Erwin would always make fun of his accent and speech mannerisms and intonations. According to him, he would rather be called “bulol” than to pretend to have an American slang accent.

Sixth, he blatantly challenged Erwin since the latter mentioned that Lingao was afraid of him. He furiously expressed his sentiments and said that he is open to any kind of confrontation.

However, Ed Lingao was not able to mention the exact segment where Erwin lambasted him. It could be presumed that it was a recent episode of the latter’s radio program.

What do you think about Ed Lingao’s post? Do you agree with him? Do you listen to Erwin Tulfo regularly? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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